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Mobile games and applications

Small and big games and applications designed for mobile

Fit all resolutions
Work on all devices
Smooth user experience

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Battle of the Sheep   Hobby Model Scaler  
Easy to customise

Desktop applications and web pages

Great products for smart people

Responsive design
Thought through interface
Planned user experince
Happy in all browsers

Happy customers!

Quality products make up for happy clients.

Fast support for our products
Tested technology and approach
Innovative ideas

We make desktop, mobile and web applications.

  • Mobile Applications and Games

    We create mobile applications and games working on a wide array of devices. We support fully android, iOS and Windows Phone.

  • Desktop Applications

    We create stand alone windows applications. From simple utility application to more complicated database applications. We support communication with third party electronic appliances such as ID card readers etc...

  • Web Solutions

    We create robust web solutions - from small specialised solutions to large web pages. Our applications make use of modern javascript solutions providing rich and enjojable experince.

Our products have a user friendly interface and work smoothly on all devices.

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